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Mandar Kale - Professor of Design

Mandar Kale

Professor of Design

Mandar is a designer by profession, a manager by experience, and a teacher by temperament. Over the last two decades, Mandar has actively contributed to the Indian design ecosystem, mentoring creative minds, building spaces to nurture innovative thinking, and creating tangible value.

An alumnus of IDC IIT Bombay, Mandar’s journey into design started with designing physical products and experiences for brands like Nissan, Bilcare, Commonwealth Youth Games, and Nirelp. It later evolved into designing for learning and growth at ISD Rubika, where he built and led the foundation program with a team of international designers. His latest endeavor involved building the French-origin Strate School of Design, Bengaluru from scratch to accommodate evolving design education paradigms.

Tapping into his rich and varied experience, Mandar effortlessly balances the big picture with the finer details. Design for him, is a framework for thinking that enables clarity. His current interests include Linear vis a vis Circular approach to education, sketching as a thinking tool, and learning in the age of AI. When not interacting with students, Mandar can be found exploring photography, aviation, art, and Lego.