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Khushboo Jogani - Associate Professor of Design

Khushboo Jogani

Associate Professor of Design

Khusboo brings with her a rich tapestry of innovation and versatility from her 20-year journey in product design, spanning luxury lifestyle to industrial products.

"In design, it's all about seeing the invisible and making the impossible, inevitable." Her approach is pragmatic yet innovative, focusing on creating designs that are aesthetically pleasing, socially impactful, and business-savvy. She sees design as a strategic puzzle where each piece – aesthetic appeal, functionality, and marketability – must fit precisely.

Her teaching philosophy mirrors this belief, emphasizing the dynamic cycle of unlearning and relearning. She fosters an environment where design thinking and systems thinking evolve continuously, encouraging students to critically reassess and refresh their understanding with innovative perspectives. Khusboo is dedicated to preparing the next generation of designers to be visionary thinkers ready for future uncertainties.