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Claudio Moderini - Design Director Innovation By Design (iXd)

Claudio Moderini

Design Director,
Innovation By Design (iXd)

Claudio Moderini is a design director, researcher and educator with a background in architecture and design, currently Design Director at Innovation By Design (iXd), a transdisciplinary think-tank, design strategy and innovation boutique with offices in Boston, Milan and Seoul.

Professor at NABA, Milano, teaching and researching on interaction and service design, so as on progressive teaching experiences. His main competences range from creative direction to envisioning and strategic design, applied to the development of advanced solutions for the design sector and to the development and management of progressive learning environments.

His main design and research interests range from the introduction of Digital Technology in the everyday life and environment, to the potentiality of interaction design to innovate/transform the product and service design processes.