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Claudio Moderini - Design Director Innovation By Design (iXd)

Claudio Moderini

Design Director,
Innovation By Design (iXd)

Claudio Moderini was a design director, researcher and educator with a background in architecture and design. He was a Design Director at Innovation By Design (iXd), a transdisciplinary think-tank, design strategy and innovation boutique with offices in Boston, Milan and Seoul. He was also a professor at NABA, Milano, teaching and researching on interaction and service design, and specialised in progressive teaching experiences. Claudio’s main competencies ranged from creative direction to envisioning and strategic design, to the development and management of progressive learning environments.

Claudio was part of the curriculum design team at BITS Design School from November 2023 till the completion of the initial curriculum project. His commitment to spreading design education inspires us. BITS Design School will establish a Claudio Moderini Memorial Lecture, to commence once our founding class is on campus.